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Video Success Story Content for IGAP reports

There is no required format for video success stories, but you may write an opening script to provide the basic details. For a written success story, you may want to include similar information. Consider including the following details in your video.

  • Your first and last name, job title, and name of your tribe.
  • Geographic location.
  • The year your tribe received it’s first GAP grant and the year of the current grant.
  • Environmental goals and priorities.
  • The environmental problem the tribe sought to address.
  • Key accomplishments.
  • The impact of your program and changes that were made as a result of the successful project.

Other elements you may want to include:

  • Interviews with your Tribal Administrator, Council Members, and others who want to talk about the project.
  • Footage of important places including the location where the project occured.
  • Before and after pictures, charts, tables, maps, or other images that help tell the story.
  • Statistics such as pounds recycled or number of cars or appliances backhauled.

We recommend that you request written permission from parents or guardians if children are in your video.

Video Length & Equipment

There are no limits on the length of the video, but we recommend 1-3 minutes.  You can use whatever equipment you have available to film your video. Most smartphones will work fine.

How to Submit a Video Success Story

If you take a video on your phone, you can email the file to your Project Officer. If the file is too big, upload it to YouTube or another similar video platform and then email the link to your Project Officer. Posting it to YouTube or another venue will also make it easier to post on your tribal web page or share on social media.

If you need ideas or have any questions about how to create a video success story, please contact your Tribal Coordinator, or contact Susan Conbere at 206-553-6243 or Conbere.Susan@epa.gov.

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