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Listed in reverse chronological order.

Submit Topics for discussion: Tribal Leaders or others who are authorized to request on behalf of a Tribal or Village government are encouraged to submit topics for discussion via this online Topic Request form or by downloading and emailing the 2017-18 RTOC Agenda Topic Request form. You may also at any time, contact any member of the Committee.

FY 2018

December Quarterly Meeting AGENDA (Dec. 12-14, 2017)

November Conference Call meeting minutes (draft) – link to full minutes


This meeting was conducted from the Alaska Tribal Conference on Environmental Management in Anchorage, AK. Alaska Representatives and EPA members in attendance at the conference were present.


  1. Add the following to the Agenda for December:
  2. Albert Kelly, EPA Senior Advisor to the Administrator – Superfunds
  3. Chris Hladick, EPA Region 10 Administrator – meeting
  4. Margo Young, Regional Planner for R10 and EEnterprise Regional Coordinator – Eenterprise
  5. TEK Training and Guidance Briefing
  6. Hiring and Newly Elected RTOC members

October Conference Call meeting minutes (draft) – link to full minutes


  1. RTOC members will review and edit minutes for August and September meetings and submit changes to Randi Madison by November 10th.
  2. Alison encouraged Rick Eichstaedt to share this comment regarding the Strategic Plan in writing to ensure a proper response from the Office of Water or AIEO.
  3. EPA R10 will follow up with Randi Madison next week (Oct. 23-27) to get a summary on the ITEP presentation.
  4. Randi will follow up with JR next week (Oct. 23-27) regarding the election and Alaska Positions re: reassigning RTOC members to specific villages.
  5. Stacy Murphy will report the number of tribes that have submitted their ETEPs to the RTOC at the November conference call.
  6. Randi will attend the ATCEM conference in November and have the Election bios available for current Alaska Position 1 nominees.

FY 2017

September Quarterly meeting minutes (draft) – link to full minutes


Regular quarterly meeting in conjunction with Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Fall Convention.  Attended 1 day of the convention on Tuesday, Sept 19 and held meeting on Sept 20-21 at the Davenport Grand hotel.  Held our first focus groups for TOC members for Alaska, and one for WA, ID, OR focusing on outreach strategy and hot issues.  Presentations on Alaska Backhaul, EPA Water Quality Standards, vessel traffic/fossil fuels, EPA AIEO Updates, and Tribal Caucus report-outs.


  1. TOC Members– please help recruit for the 2 new positions at RTOC: RTOC Coordinator and the TELS Coordinator. Also, spread the word on the AK position nominations for 1&2.
  2. Website: Randi will update the website to include an online form for tribes to submit.
  3. AIEO will give a short presentation on EPA’s Strategic Plan at our October 19 RTOC Conference call.
  4. Reschedule TEK workgroup meeting within the next few weeks. Michelle will work with Randi to schedule before the next conference call.
  5. Create an interview panel for hiring new positions.
  6. Communications Specialist: Update website with new positions, nominations, add backhaul and vessel traffic presentations.

August RTOC Conference Call Minutes (approved) – link to full minutes


September meeting was voted on to change from Seattle to Spokane during the RTOC Consortium Tribal Caucus call today.  Discussed Waters of the US Rule, Clean Water Act 404C decision, upcoming RTOC nomination and election period for AK RTOC positions 1&2, restructuring of the Agency, TTAU retreat and FY19 EPA budget.


Randi Madison will actively work on logistics for changing the September meeting from Seattle to Spokane for the same dates.

July RTOC conference call minutes (approved) – link to full minutes


Approved Mar-June minutes, FY 2018-2019 National Program Manager Guidance, FY18 EPA budget: Interior Appropriations Bill for FY2018, EPA Proposal to Withdraw Bristol Bay-Pebble Mine CWA 404(c),  Update on TEK training, E-Enterprise Leadership Council, Staff Position Descriptions for Consortium, Logistics for September in person meeting.


  1. Randi Madison
  • Make corrections to meeting minutes and post as Approved to website.
  • Add Michelle Pirzadeh to report directly on the Aug conference call re: Pebble Mine.
  • Post open comment period for EPA Proposal to Withdraw Bristol Bay-Pebble Mine CWA 404(c) Proposed Determination
  1. Emily Keller, EPA Office of Chief Financial Officer will send links to Randi
  2. Ann Williamson will send information to RTOC re: how the budget is split between states and tribes. https://appropriations.house.gov/news/documentprint.aspx?DocumentID=395024

June RTOC In Person Minutes (approved) – link to full minutes


The meeting was hosted by Yakama Nation. Day 1 and 3 were regular meeting days held at the Yakama Legends Casino & Hotel. Day 2 consisted of an amazing 10 hour field trip to tour the land and culture of the Yakama Nation.


  1. TOC members outreach to tribes to encourage comments on initial EPA Strategic Plan open to public around the end of June and soliciting comments. Planning a tribal call for mid-July. Week of July 10-12th. By mid-September should have fully fledged Strategic Plan.
  2. Deb Lekanof: Share report with Rick re: Chairman Cladoosby’s meeting with National EPA Administration to share with RTOC.
  3. Deilah Johnson will be added to the TEK workgroup.
  4. Randi Madison:
  5. Post Trans-boundary mining links on RTOC website under “Tools for Tribes”.
  6. Randi Madison: Help recruit an alternate for AK Position 2 (YK or Northern AK)
  7. Randi Madison: Research the Hilton and other options for Seattle meetings.
  8. JR Herbst: Send Randi new Tribal Coordinator assignments and new maps for the Ops guidance Appendix E.
  9. Rick Eichstaedt: Send out open comment opportunities. Send out position descriptions for support staff and prepare some documents that would enable the TOC to make good decisions. Create a template for RTOC TOC members to present to their tribe in request for $100 to contribute to the cushion fund.
  10. Sam Penney will send Randi samples of other agenda formats.
  11. Invite Orville Huntington to report systematically to the RTOC in meetings re: National Tribal Science Council.

April CC Minutes (draft)- link to full minutes

SUMMARY Due to no quorum, meeting was not officially called to order. Business presented with no formal actions taken. 


  1. Randi Madison will conduct a cost comparison for June monthly meeting for Juneau, AK vs. Yakima, WA.

March In Person Minutes (draft)- link to full minutes

SUMMARY Day One Admistrative RTOC business, EPA AIEO update from Felicia Wright, EPA Region 10 updates (Attachments: Tribal Hot Topics, High Priority List for Tribes, RTOC standing issues), Discussed transition to new administration, Mary Goolie – Brownfields Project Manager, EPA Region 10 and Kelly Gorini- EPA’s Office of Brownfields & Land Revitalization discussed Brownfields Assessment, Outreach, & Funding Availability Day Two: Visit Port Gamble S’Klallam Longhouse and learn of their environmental work, culture and tour the land.


  1. Billy Maines
    1. Speak to Andy regarding hotel holds on personal credit cards at check in and report back to TOC.
  2. Randi Madison
    1. Produce rough draft minutes to the RTOC within 1-2 days of the meetings.
    2. Post the Tribal Hot Topics to website
    3. Put NALEMP discussion on a future RTOC agenda after Mary Goolie has an opportunity to meet with them (who is them?).
  3. Rick Eichstaedt
    1. Draft a comment letter from the RTOC to Kelly Gorini re: Brownfields & Land Revitalization by May 5th.
    2. Draft a comment letter from the RTOC re: Clean Water Act Executive Order for the Review of the Waters of the US Rule – should be open sometime in late spring.
  4. Michelle Pirzadeh
    1. Find the wording of the oath of office for the EPA Administrator, and report back to the TOC.

March 2017 CC Minutes (draft)- link to full minutes

SUMMARY Additional conference call meeting added prior to TELS.

1. Tribal Caucus members please bring a door prize to give away at the Tribal Leader’s Summit.
2. Randi Madison: put approval of Jan, Feb and March conference call minutes on the In-­person meeting agenda for March 28-­29.
3. Rick Eichstaedt and Deb Lekanof will draft a letter to Scott Pruitt regarding the petition to overturn the WA fish consumption rate, government to government, water quality and submit by the end of March.

February 2017 CC Minutes (approved)- link to full minutes

SUMMARY  RTOC/EPA updates and upcoming events


  1. Randi Madison
    1. Follow up on scheduling TLS and Operations Guidance committee meetings. Operations Guidance revision on hold until after TLS and TLS Planning Committee Meeting will be 11 AM Tuesday Feb. 21. (and every consecutive Tuesday at noon Pacific until the Summit)
    2. Send out website for review and promotional items to committee.

January 2017 CC Minutes (approved)- link to full minutes


Final remarks from Dennis McLerran, R10 Regional Administrator and Jim Woods, Sr. Tribal Policy Advisor, Update on planning for the 2017 Tribal Environmental Leader’s Summit and the Alaska Forum on the Environment, Open comment period for CIRCLA financial responsibility requirements, Welcomed new NTOC members, Tom Robinson for Alaska Position 1 and Willie Frank for Western WA/Western OR, as well as Dean Adams as the new Oregon RTOC rep., Updates on EPA Transition with new Administration, Traditional Ecological Knowledge work group and the R10 Tribal Trust and Assistance Unit.


  1. Randi Madison
    1. Will make sure that travel logistics are on website for TLS. Getting to and from hotel from airport.
    2. Will create a draft TLS Award nomination form and instructions and send to TOC for review by Wednesday January 25, 2017.
    3. Send out the draft new website for review by the RTOC/EPA the week of Jan 23-27, official launch will be Jan 31, 2017.
  2. New NOTC/ROTC Members will send their choices for Alternates to Michelle Davis ASAP.
  3. Rick Eichstaedt will send out info on CIRCLA webinar.

December 2016 In-person Minutes (approved)- link to full minutes


This was the last official meeting with Dennis McLerran, Region 10 Administrator, Jim Woods, Sr. Tribal Policy Advisor whose terms have ended, and Sally Thomas, Tribal Trust and Assistance Unit Manager.  Sally will stay on in a part time advisory capacity.

Day 1 TOC reports to Regional Administrator, EPA transition, Traditional Ecological Knowledge Workgroup, Announcement of newly elected NTOC reps, Alaska Forum on the Environment, Tribal Consortium Business: TELS Survey results.

Day 2 E-Enterprise Leadership Council (EELC), GSA Presentation, RTOC Communications and Outreach: Website Draft presentation, Environmental Impacts of Wasted Food and Prevention Strategies, Grants Topics, ANPRM for developing federal baseline WQS, TOC Tlingit/Haida Cultural Presentation

Day 3 Update on Tribal Leaders Summit planning, EPA’s Office of Land and Emergency Management Interim Approach for Considering Traditional Ecological Knowledge during the Cleanup Process, Update on R10 TEK Workgroup, Drinking Water Compliance Trends in Indian Country


  1. Randi Madison
    1. will reach out to newly elected TOC members to conduct welcome and orientation prior to Dec. 31, 2017
    2. will work with Shallee Baker to arrange the March RTOC meeting logistics
    3. will follow up with Billy Maines prior to Dec. 23 to get update on how to proceed with AFE planning
    4. will update new website in light of discussion and feedback and send to the RTOC/EPA for review in January. Deadline to launch new RTOC website will be in Feb at AFE
      1. will continue to update old website until launch
    5. will contact committee set up to review the Operations Guidance meeting 2x month, starting January 2017. Members are Lee Juan Tyler, Bobbi Anne Barnowski and all RTOC Staff
      1. Amendments to include travel policy and procedure. Committee will recommend changes at the March in person meeting and bring to TOC for adoption
      2. Add Website content and management section in Ops Guidance review
      3. Invite Michelle Davis to our Committee
  1. Rick Eichstaedt
    1. will send out notices regarding WQS consultation and call for comments coming up. He will reach out to individuals to analyze if RTOC will submit comments
    2. will draft a letter to the EPA POTUS Transition team and send to the RTOC by the end of Dec.
  2. Billy Maines
    1. will contact Kurt Eilo to see if it’s too late to withdraw our evening event at the Alaska Forum on the Environment this year. If not, this will be the last Daniel Ellanak award
    2. If committed: set up a committee to work on the Evening event agenda and submit the agenda to Kurt by Jan. 9, 2017
  3. TOC will submit our temporary choice for the EELC workgroup to headquarters by Dec. 19, we can revise the choice at a later time, and after newly elected NTOC members start
  4. Tribal Leader’s Summit Committee Bobbi Anne Barnowsky, Shallee Baker, Randi Madison, Rick Eichstaedt, Raymond Paddock, Elizabeth Sanchey
    1. Will meet on Thursday December 22, at noon AK time via conference call
    2. Will review the TELS budget to determine the cost for presenters and note takers, etc. Meet next week to finalize framework and launch the registration page
    3. Randi will inquire with digital storytelling facilitator to do stories on all RTOC members and on the RTOC and to present at the TELS
    4. Story board illustrators and facilitators for TELS
  5. EPA
    1. will schedule the next TEK workgroup meeting to outline objectives and key content for training and education for EPA staff for some time in January.
    2. will extend the nomination period for the Oregon Tribal Caucus nomination.

November 2016 CC Minutes (approved)- link to full minutes


Tribal Leader’s Summit planning, Angela Chung update on Water Quality Standards activity, Ann Williamson update on transition with new administration


  1. Committee
    1. Review the online survey regarding the 2017 Tribal Environmental Leader’s Summitt by Monday COB, Pacific time. Send recommendations to Randi Madison via email.
  2. Ann Williamson will look into the process for RTOC to submit a statement to the President Elect on behalf of Region 10 Tribes.
  3. Randi Madison
    1. Add to December Agenda: Identify TOC participation in the EEnterprise Leadership Council (EELC) group. Specifically asking each regional TOC to put forward 1 tribal nominee, and forwarded on to the EELC by the Regional Administrator by December 19, 2016.
    2. send the estimated per diem out to attendees of Dec. meeting by Tuesday, November 22 and wants to complete airfare purchases by November 30 for Dec. meeting.
  4. JR Herbst
    1. send Randi Madison the request for nominations from the EELC so she can distribute to the RTOC.
    2. open the Oregon election period again, through Dec. 2, 2017. Rick Eichstaedt will follow up with Dean Adams to ensure his application for the Oregon RTOC position is submitted.

October 2016 CC Minutes (approved)- link to full minutes


Welcome new Communications Specialist, Randi Madison and new Grant Administrator, Andy Dunau to the RTOC, RTOC/NTOC elections, Alaska Tribal Conference on Environmental Management, discussed Standing Rock, Alaska Forum on the Environment planning underway.


  1. TOC
    1. If there are any high level EPA requests from the RTOC for the TELS please put on Dec. Agenda so EPA can line up presenters.
    2. If the RTOC wants to address the GAP AK network during AFE, inform JR Herbst by Nov. 30.

Tribal Caucus Recommendations

  1. Re: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in which the Departments committed to formal, government-to-government consultations:
  • Elizabeth Sanchey, Eastern Washington RTOC: Fast tracking. Encourage someone from Region10 EPA to be at scheduled listening sessions to address issues that come up. Michelle P. and Jim W. are looking into it.
  • Elizabeth Sanchey, Eastern Washington RTOC: Encourages tribes to share their consultation policies, defining terms, what constitutes a consultation, and what can be called a consultation at the joint Dep’t. of Ecology (DOE), Army Corps of Engineers (ACE), and the Dep’t. of Justice (DOJ) consultations coming up this month.

           2.  Aaron Miles, Idaho RTOC Alternate: Please define acronyms when speaking on calls and in printed documents.


  1. Region 10 10.20.16 Tribal Consortium Business Minutes
  2. Printable version of regular RTOC 10.20.16 Conference Call minutes






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