The Region 10 RTOC currently meets in-person once per quarter and monthly in-between via conference calls.  We distribute the location of in-person meetings between regional headquarters in Seattle, WA and among Tribes who volunteer to host our quarterly meetings throughout Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Tribal Leaders or others who are authorized to request on behalf of a Tribal or Village government are encouraged to submit topics for discussion online for a meeting agenda, or to contact any member of the Committee.

2017 RTOC Meetings

Conference Calls 3rd Thursday @ 12:00 AK, 1:00 PST, 3:00 MT

January 19, 2017  –  February 16, 2017  –  April 20, 2017  –  May 18, 2017

July 20, 2017  –  August 17, 2017  –  October 19, 2017  –  November 16, 2017

In Person Meetings 2.5 days long, every 3rd month

RTOC being educated on the Columbia River in Portland, OR

RTOC being educated on the Columbia River Portland, OR Hosted by the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians

Tribal communities who volunteer to host our quarterly meetings have the opportunity to educate the Tribal Caucus and the EPA representatives on their rich culture and life-ways while bringing light to the unique issues facing the environmental health and well-being of the local community.

A representative from the host tribe or village will be requested to assist the RTOC in planning the logistics of lodging, transportation and meeting space. The RTOC budget will cover the costs required to host the meeting, and pay for lodging and transportation of it’s members. The only expense to the tribe is that which they willingly choose to offer above and beyond the meeting times. Although it is not expected, hosts have enjoyed the opportunity to share unique tastes of their culture, whether it be in song, a tour of the village, a ride in a traditional canoe, or perhaps a sampling of traditional foods. In turn, our knowledge and understanding of each other grows, creating a more meaningful partnership.

Tribes or Alaska Native villages interested in hosting a quarterly meeting may inquire by submitting a letter of interest to host an RTOC meeting online, or by contacting any member of the Region 10 Tribal Operations Committee.